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Our Team

Dori Streit – Executive Director 
Tiffany Doherty-Schooler – Director of Advocacy
Tara Serck – Director of Finance and Administration
Lilo Schluender – Director of Private Attorney Involvement (PAI)
Marly MaciejeskiBookkeeper/Administrative Clerk

Christopher Macy – Attorney
Rachel Albertson – Development and Communications Manager
Emily Burrows – Paralegal
Katie Deblock – Legal Assistant

Kristin Parendo– Managing Attorney/Senior Specialist Attorney
Ellen Anderson– Attorney
Steven Dorshkind
Seniors Law Clerk
Nicholas Hallman – Attorney
Peter LaCourse
– Attorney

Jude Schmit – Attorney
Gwen Updegraff – Attorney 

Art Wolf – Attorney 
Nacole Carlson – Paralegal

Brianna Fylstra – Legal Assistant
Melissa Luokkala – Paralegal
Megan O’BrienCommunity Outreach Specialist
Mary Russom – Paralegal

Grand Rapids
James Vollstaedt – Managing Attorney
Alanna Hanson – Intake and Data Manager

Anna Koller – Paralegal
Jeanette Pangburn – Paralegal

Pine City
Geoffrey Miller – Attorney

Kelly Carr – Legal Assistant

James Vollstaedt – Managing Attorney
Bill Maxwell – Attorney
Emilee Meyer – Attorney
Lori Cyr – Legal Assistant
Cheryl Smilanich – Paralegal

Bethanie Zollar – Paralegal 

Private Attorney Involvement (PAI)

Eve Utyro – Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Manager

St. Louis County Law Library

Dennis Palm – Paralegal